Your Life, Your Song

Life often throws us into situations where we are forced into a mood or feeling that we do not want to be faced with. Let’s be honest with ourselves, if we could be happy, fun, and friendly all the time, that would be great. But – if we tried to force these feeling on ourselves constantly, we would actually end up being miserable. Times of joy, times of sorrow, times of stress and times of boredom – these are all emotions that make up who you are, and who you choose to become.

A friend and native of the North county area in St. Louis, recently shared with me that while living away from her hometown, she was overwhelmed by the amount of people who would talk about St. Louis negatively, some without knowing she is from the area. She was afraid to speak up in fear of being associated with that sort of negativity. she then said to me not “How dare they, we are not like that.” but instead, “We have got to do better.”

The past couple years, I have been faced with joyous landmarks, large successes, great change, and great new friendships. I recognize these not to boast, but to be grateful and realize how much I have been blessed. I have also gotten to have a great learning experience at my summer job here in St. Louis, and have gotten the freedom to experience many new things in my free time. At the same time – I have been plagued with sadness, anger, jealousy, frustration and regret.

Sometimes, when you are on a long string of happiness and confidence, a storm hits. It is easy to make excuses for ourself. Sure you may know that you are not all to blame in said situation, but being of any wrong is hard go through. I went through a storm this past week where I know that there was more to the situation than just my wrong, but I had to come to the conclusion, “I could have done better.”

It is okay to acknowledge your feelings. It is okay to be wrong, and it os okay to ask for forgiveness. You can choose to learn for these times, and you are who you choose to become.


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