Welcome To My Block

What makes a city to you? Is it the food, the art, the music, the history, or simply the feeling you get when you walk down the sidewalk?

When someone lives in a city as large and spread out as St. Louis is, one can have a perspective on the personality of the city in general that is completely opposite of another St. Louisan.

Whether you are enjoying a broadway play in Grand Center, or savoring international cuisine in South City, St. Louis has endless diversity to offer to its citizens and visitors.

Here is a short list of neighborhoods I have gotten to see and explore in the short while I have been in the St. Louis and the greater area. Enjoy!

The Grove

Definitely a hidden treasure, The Grove is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood filled with music, coffee shops, art, and nightlife. Being a very prosperous business district in the late 1940’s and 1950’s – the area suffered a steep decline in the 70’s and 80’s. The Grove found it’s resurgence starting in the late 1980’s with Attitude night club. The area is known to be  home to many LGBTQ friendly businesses.

the groverise coffee

South City/Tower Grove Heights

Being the cities largest area for food and culture, South City and the area surrounding Tower Grove park is host to beautiful brick front homes in a wide range of prices. This is a thriving neighborhood that attracts young professionals and families. It is also well known for it’s many restaurants that are in walking distance to residential streets.

south grand restaurantstower grovethe purple martinted drewes

Central West End

While The Tower Grove area is a little more Brooklyn, The Central West end would be a little more Manhattan. Offering historic high-rise apartment buildings as well as brick front homes, the Central West end offers a little more upscale city style living bordering Clayton and University City, within steps of Beautiful Forrest Park.

Downtown Kirkwood

Residing in what St. Louisans would call “South County”, Kirkwood is about 20 minutes southwest of downtown St. Louis. Famous for being a railroad town, the city offers a little bit of old, and new. A perfect semi-suburban area for families, the city offers up a trendy downtown area with a vintage movie theater, specialty restaurants, and the Station Square where you can find food and patio seating right outside the train station.

the square kirkwoodthe majic house

Downtown St. Louis City

For the grand finale in our list, we have the area that most people think of when the think classic St. Louis. Downtown. You have Busch Stadium, you have the river, you have The Arch, you have incredibly historic brick roads with beautiful buildings by the river that make you feel as if you are in the 1800’s. All of these are a must-see. Before you head to the Arch or a Cardinals game, check out the incredible City Museum! Having used to be a shoe factory, the City Museum turns old into new with craft workshops, an indoor train, jungle gyms, and circus acts. Plus you can literally climb on the outside of the building, just believe me. ferris wheenthe city museumst-louis-gateway-archballoark village

I truly hope that you enjoyed our list today, and learned a little bit to take with you on your next trip to St. Louis! Here are a couple other great areas to see that did not make the list:

Webster Groves

The Hill


Forrest Park

St. Louis is an amazing historic city and ,as shown above,  has so much to offer. Unfortunately it is a city that has seen many hard times and still to this day struggles with segregated neighborhoods, racism, crime, and slews of abandoned properties. One of these areas in particular is “Old North” the historic northern area in the city limits of St. Louis. Check out this great organization that is helping towards the renovation of the buildings in Old North!

Old North Restoration Group

Here’s a tune from some locals!

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