Free Fallin’

Memories of summer days in Missouri often consist of humid days, swimming in the pool, picking in the garden, slip in slides… you name it.

All of us, though, as adults will somehow or someway come to the conclusion that summer is entirely different as an adult. The weather still gets unbearably hot, but, you must put in the work hours as usual, fun right?

I consider myself as someone who gets great fulfillment in working, so I actually do not mind as much. And when you are working full time, having a day off, weekend, or afternoon off to do something fun, makes that time even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Speaking of summer activities, you can still have them as an adult! St. Louis is a city that prides itself in providing free community events to bring the city closer together. And with the weather drawing everyone outside, attractions like Shakespeare in the Park, St. Louis Zoo, The City Museum, Missouri Botanical Gardens, and The Science Center brings St. Louis citizens together from anywhere, Florissant to Fenton.

I was able the past couple weeks to take a few breaks from work and enjoy some sweet summer time in the Lou, and didn’t have to pull hardly any money from my pocket!


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