“Winds of change, they blow in my direction…”

“Time to open up a new chapter in life, and to explore a larger centre.” – Lillian Russell

People who achieve and strive for greatness never stay in one place too long, do they? This is what I like to tell myself.

Over the past few years, I have had to adjust to several different cities, traveled more than I ever have, took on more jobs than I had ever found possible, and always try to keep moving forward.

In this summer break from school at the University of Central Missouri, the winds of change have brought me to the quaint city of St.Louis Missouri. My post in this blog will mostly consist of my adventures and experiences while in the Lou, current happenings and events within the city, and my own personal observations.

Over the cold and dark winter break of 2015/2016, I was called for an interview for a internship that I applied for at a radio station by the name of KDHX Community Media. So, we packed up our car on New Years Day and took the short journey from Columbia Missouri, to St. Louis. After a short spell of wandering around South City, finding ourselves at an abandoned bakery by the railroad, we ended up at the correct location.

When I look back on the first time I drove in to the station, located in the Grand Center Performing Arts District, I look back with some sort of fondness. There was such a sense of coldness, fear, and apprehension. Today when I make the 24 minute commute to work every day around 10am, my emotions are of a much different nature. I have 88.1 playing on my radio, sunglasses on my face, a cold soda in my cupholder, and a sense of wonder as I look at the tall buildings, lights, and signs that surround me. Then every week, I get to park and walk in to the most wonderful internship I could have ever imagined.

Many will say that being in a larger city, a place with such life and potential adventure is infectious. I would say they are correct. Since living here this summer I either see something, shop somewhere, or eat something new every day. Not to mention to the new relationships built, and old ones restored!

I thoroughly look forward to sharing my summer adventures once a week in “In Lou of Things” with you all. Please stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more stories, thoughts, and pictures!

A song for your listening pleasure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doe1KdaywKg


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